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Exablox Introduces OneBlox® Scale-Out All-Flash Storage
Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:05:18 AM

Exablox Expands its OneBlox Family with All-Flash OneBlox® 5210 Delivering High Performance, Scale-Out Storage, at Less Than $0.50 per Gigabyte

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Aug 25, 2016 – Exablox®, the award winning company reimagining storage, today announced the availability of the all-flash OneBlox 5210, a full featured scale-out storage solution designed and optimized to combine the benefits of a distributed object store with the performance demands of virtual environments and unstructured data. Exablox enables IT organizations to deploy high performance scale-out flash storage, combining the ease of use and manageability of a distributed object store with inline deduplication, compression, and multi-site remote replication at a price point less than competitive HDD storage solutions. OneBlox achieves 50,000 IOPS per node and scales to more than 700 TB per cluster, all at less than $0.50/gigabyte (GB) effective*.

Unlike legacy scale-up solutions, IT organizations can seamlessly and granularly scale OneBlox capacity and availability based on current needs without requiring upfront over-provisioning. Gone are the days of IT organizations needing to purchase excess storage based on a 36-month capacity plan. Today, organizations can enjoy an all-flash OneBlox at less than $0.50 per effective GB. Exablox uniquely enables customers to purchase compatible SSDs at retail price, and scale-out with additional drives or nodes in only a few minutes. Additionally, as the retail price of flash storage continues to decline monthly, IT organizations are able to immediately enjoy the cost savings on future storage purchases.

“Exablox has developed a highly scalable, flexible scale-out storage platform based on their own modern object-store with plug-and-play application compatibility,” said Henry Baltazar, Research Director of Storage from 451 Research "They are addressing a critical flash storage market need enabling customers to ride the commodity price curve of flash, as they have done with HDDs. 451 believes this, coupled with robust enterprise features and easy management of the OneBlox, should appeal to organizations large and small.”

Optimized for Virtualized Environments

Historically, IT organizations have had to decide between the superior resiliency, ease of management, and rich enterprise features of an object-based storage solution or the performance of a legacy RAID-based solution. With the introduction of OneBlox 3308 and 4312, Exablox removed this dilemma for IT organizations for NAS, unstructured data and secondary storage applications. Now, with the introduction of OneBlox 5210, Exablox continues to lead the industry by delivering a high performance, distributed object-based storage solution with all of the application accessibility of NFS and SMB optimized for virtual environments.

With Exablox’s OneBlox architecture, IT organizations no longer have to deal with legacy LUNs and associated volume sizing constraints while managing a virtual environment. OneBlox removes these limitations on VMware NFS datastores and supports the configurations that fits any organization, from a few TBs to a PB or more. Moreover, as OneBlox seamlessly and non-disruptively scales-out when capacity is added to the cluster, NFS datastores simply increase in size and VMs immediately have more available storage capacity—all with zero reconfiguration.

“Exablox was founded on the principal of reimagining storage and we continue to do so,” said Douglas Brockett, CEO of Exablox. “Customers demand the performance benefits of an all-flash solution but often are shocked at the price tag of purchasing unnecessary flash storage capacity or oversized RAID controllers up front. We offer customers the best of both worlds. They can enjoy the benefits of flash now and scale-out additional capacity and performance as they need it."

OneBlox Supports the Latest Drive Technologies

Starting with the introduction of the first generation OneBlox, Exablox has enabled organizations to bring their own drives and supported the latest drive technologies, including 6TB and 8TB HDDs with OneBlox 3308 and OneBlox 4312, respectively. With the introduction of the third generation OneBlox 5210, organizations may adopt some of the latest SSDs, including the newest 3.8TB SSDs. As larger 8TB and 16TB capacities become available, organizations may combine new and older SSDs in the same OneBlox and within the same cluster.

Ease of Use

Exablox leads the storage industry with OneSystem, its cloud-based management service, enabling IT organizations to simply, yet powerfully, manage on-premises OneBlox in any location from any browser. OneSystem consistently provides real-time storage and health monitoring by comprehensively understanding the state of OneBlox, installed disk drives, network, remotely replicated storage and more. With OneSystem, the forensic information and capability that improves the world-class proactive support Exablox delivers. In fact, many potential problems are identified and resolved before they negatively impact applications. Additionally, organizations have the ability to access the following features with OneSystem:

  • Segregate management responsibility for any number of OneBlox clusters in any location
  • Configure OneBlox multi-site remote replication in three clicks
  • Enjoy zero configuration for nearly every storage management task, including adding or removing capacity, or adding additional OneBlox nodes to a cluster

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