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Exablox’s OneBlox 4312 Outperforms Dectosphere’s Next Generation 4311
Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 10:08:45 AM

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – May 25, 2016 – Exablox®, the award-winning company reimagining storage and one of the fastest growing storage companies in 20151 announced today that its OneBlox® 4312 significantly outperforms Dectosphere’s recently revealed 4311,2 and has been available well before either Dectosphere’s or Pied Piper’s ‘Boxes.’ Exablox’s OneBlox 4312 delivers superior write performance at 1GB/sec,3 compared to both Dectosphere’s next generation 4311 at 75MB/sec, as well as Pied Piper’s recently developed prototype ‘Box’ at 200MB/sec. Additionally, Pied Piper’s “Middle-Out Compression” algorithm doesn’t compare to OneBlox’s superior inline variable-length deduplication, compression and continuous data protection algorithms providing excellent data reduction ratios and data recovery from ransomware infections.

“Exablox has pioneered inline deduplication and compression for scale-out storage,” said Shridar Subramanian, Exablox’s chief revenue officer. “While Dectosphere’s 4311 may approach Exablox’s 4312 in naming, its performance lags far behind as OneBlox ‘really flies.’”

Exablox is the only storage provider to offer both inline variable-length and fixed-length deduplication along with inline compression in a single storage pool. These capabilities enable Exablox to decrease the required storage by up to 95 percent and increase data reduction ratios up to 20:1. By being able to select deduplication techniques, storage administrators can now customize data reduction techniques based on application type. For example, within the same OneBlox Ring a backup/recovery share can use variable-length and compression data reduction techniques, while a share for primary storage can use fixed-length and compression techniques.

Exablox’s OneBlox is a cloud-managed, scale-out, object-based storage solution. OneBlox provides immediate scalability, fast and self-service recovery and protection from CryptoLocker and other ransomware infections.

OneBlox’s unique continuous data protection enables organizations to fully protect all of the primary storage written to OneBlox. CDP takes continuous, unlimited and immutable snapshots of information so IT administrators can swiftly recover any individual file, folder or file share, rendering threats such as CryptoLocker or Locky obsolete. Alternatively, IT administrators can empower end users to recover data on their own, which reduces the burden on resource-constrained IT administrators and enables users to get back to work quickly.

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