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Top Ranked Universities by US News and World Report Rely on Exablox for Unparalleled Data Protection
Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 08:40:25 AM


OneBlox's Continuous Data Protection Enables Simplified Data Recovery and 100 Times Faster Recovery

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Mar. 10, 2016 - Exablox, the award-winning company reimagining storage and the fastest growing private storage company in 2015*, today announced that top ranked universities according to a US News and World Report - including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Johns Hopkins University, and New York University, - have deployed its OneBlox storage solution. These universities rely on OneBlox to protect the valuable data generated by their world-class researchers and ensure students and researchers get reliable access to the enormous amounts of data they need to do their work. OneBlox's scale-out, object-based storage with continuous data protection (CDP) keeps data safe and accessible by taking unlimited snapshots so users can restore information from any point in time. Recovery is fast and easy, typically taking one hundredth of the time that would be required to recover files on RAID. CDP has zero performance overhead on the filesystem, eliminating the need for traditional backup.

"With Exablox's technology we've achieved a new level of data protection, scalability, and peace of mind," says Brandon Savage, IT and network administrator at MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center. "We can't recreate the data our researchers generate, and it needs to be stored in perpetuity, so data protection is absolutely critical for us. Not only are we protecting our VMware infrastructure with Veeam and OneBlox, we have been using OneBlox to protect departments' primary research data. We're now in the process of moving all our research data to OneBlox."

Both scalability and data protection are mission-critical for today's universities, which are challenged to rapidly react to the growing generation of information and consumption of storage by students and researchers. Universities need instant recovery from failure, state-of-the-art backup and recovery and protection from new threats such as ransomware. But they also need storage that is feature-rich, easy to manage, and affordable, so they can prioritize investment in R&D instead of IT administration.


Exablox's flagship product OneBlox is a cloud-managed, scale-out, object-based storage solution. OneBlox provides immediate scalability, fast and self-service recovery, protection from CryptoLocker and other ransomware and advanced backup and recovery capabilities that may eliminate the need for traditional backup/recovery software.

OneBlox's unique CDP enables universities to fully protect all of the primary storage written to OneBlox. CDP takes continuous, unlimited and immutable snapshots of information so IT administrators can swiftly recover any individual file, folder or file share, rendering threats such as CryptoLocker obsolete. Alternatively, IT administrators can empower students or faculty to recover data on their own, which reduces the burden on resource-constrained IT administrators and enables users to get back to work quickly.

OneBlox yields exceptionally high deduplication and compression data reduction ratios, up to 20:1 or more by using inline variable-length deduplication and compression. This helps keep storage utilization under control when using OneBlox as a target for backup/recovery or archiving of the production data.

OneBlox's scale-out architecture supports immediate allocation of cost-effective storage for researchers and students without reconfiguration. Universities can mix and match commodity-priced drive types (SATA, SAS) and capacity (1-8TB) within the same OneBlox and within a OneBlox Ring. In two minutes and with zero configuration, the new storage is available within the existing global file system and is immediately available to applications, researchers and students. Organizations can also consolidate primary storage (with CDP protection) and backup in the same storage pool.

"Research is core to the value of universities and it can't be recreated," says Shridar Subramanian, VP marketing of Exablox. "Reliable data storage and protection is essential to ensure the research and development work that enables universities to win grants, build their reputation and attract students is always available."

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